Design Director

London, United Kingdom · London


We’re looking for an experienced Product Designer to lead and grow our design team in London, while also continuing to be a working Designer. Together we’ll build both great products and a great team.

As a Design Director, you’ll provide mentorship and support to the other designers in your office with one-on-ones and reviews, work to grow our design reputation in London, as well as the local design team.


You should have all the skills of a thoughtbot designer (fully capable of creating great visual design as well as doing great product design and user experience, and then implementing your designs with HTML and CSS (Sass), and increasingly Objective-C or Swift), while also having experience leading and building a team. Very well-qualified candidates will also have experience with consulting, and have a proven track record of attracting potential customers.


We like to keep ourselves happy while we work. Here at thoughtbot there’s stellar vacation time and fully stocked offices with everything from snacks to neat little notebooks. If you need a change of scenery, you can work from home.

This is a full-time position with a competitive salary, paid time off, pension eligibility, and private health insurance.

Our team works in a relaxed and educational environment to develop excellent products for our clients. We work a sustainable pace of 40 hours/week, consulting for clients four days/week. We also like to learn. Everything we do is predicated on having a great team and a culture of growing. We use the latest technologies and are always down to try new methods on both internal and client projects.


On Fridays, we have “investment time” when we learn new tools and techniques, work on open source, create new products, write blog posts, and try to make ourselves, each other, the company, and the community better.


We pay 100% of expenses if you speak at conferences and 50% of the cost for attendees. We also have a 3-day hackathon at the end of every year.


We have five weeks of paid time off per year, personal days, plus extended leave. For new parents, we offer additional paid leave on top of your statutory rights.

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